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I want to be a doctoral student

Definition of a PhD

The doctorate is based on an original and formative research project, which should enable the candidate to become an international expert in his/her scientific field.
The doctorate is a professional research experience, which leads to an internationally recognised diploma at BAC+8 level. The doctorate traditionally lasts 3 years and up to 6 years maximum, during which the doctoral student carries out research work on a particular subject. The doctoral student carries out his/her research under the responsibility of a thesis director (HDR).
The programme ends with the defence of the doctoral thesis, which allows the student to acquire the degree of doctor.

Access conditions

To be able to do a thesis, the future doctoral student must have validated his/her Master's degree.
Thesis topics are available on the website Thèses en Bretagne Loire

The doctoral process :

Déroulement doctorat

How to apply ?

Procedure for submissions and applications (version françaiseEnglish version)
  1. Contact the laboratories (list available on home page) to find a future thesis director
  2. The thesis director must submit a thesis topic on the website (TEBL) with the requested documents (signed frame form, subject form, proof of funding). Both forms are available here at the end of the page : .
  3. Once the subject is published, the future doctoral student has the opportunity to apply.
  4. Once all the supporting documents have been collected and are in order, the application will be examined by the Site Selection Committee (CSS).
  5. Once the application has been accepted, the doctoral student can pre-register on AMETHIS.


It is the responsibility of the structures recruiting doctoral students to seek or provide for the remuneration of doctoral students.

The main types of financing

The doctoral contract

The doctoral contract is a three-year fixed-term contract that allows the doctoral student to devote herself/himself fully and exclusively to her/his research work for the preparation of the thesis.

Regional allowances

The Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions award doctoral research grants to cover the salary costs of the doctoral student.


The CIFRE is a mechanism that allows a doctoral student, attached to a laboratory or research unit, to complete his/her thesis while being paid by a private company under French law, by a public institution, an association, in short, by a funder outside the university
The CIFRE agreements bring together three different partners in a research project that will lead to the defence of a doctoral thesis: a structure (company, local authority or association), a young graduate and a laboratory or research unit.
These agreements are aimed at private or public institutions (other than universities) that undertake to entrust a doctoral student with research work in direct liaison with an external research unit. The funding institution signs a three-year permanent or fixed-term employment contract and pays its "young CIFRE" a salary of at least €23,484 gross per year.

Other sources of funding

Associations and foundations can also fund theses.

Doctoral School Competition

The docotoral establishment contract (CDE)

The CDE is a three-year fixed-term contract that allows the doctoral student to devote herself/himself fully and exclusively to her/his research work for the preparation of the thesis. It is offered by the University of Angers and Nantes University. Each year the Doctoral School organises a competition common to both geographical sites to enable students with an M2 research degree or equivalent to benefit from these contracts.
The rules, practical details and timetable of the competition are published on this site at the beginning of each calendar year.


The procedure for applying for a doctorate is detailed in the internal regulations of the ED.
You can also find below the administrative procedure according to your institution of affiliation:


International co-supervision

Co-supervision is a system that allows a doctoral student to complete his/her thesis while being attached to both a French and a foreign institution over the same period of time (registration fees are paid at a single university). A co-supervision agreement is signed between the two institutions (time spent in each country, specific conditions for the thesis defence, etc.).
Doctoral students are therefore required to work partly in France and partly abroad.
Comment mettre en place une cotutelle ? (Nantes)
Cotutelle (Angers)

Mobility aids

As cotutelle doctoral students are naturally required to travel extensively between the two countries during their three years of doctoral studies, the Ministry of Research is proposing financial support to make it easier for research units to cover the costs incurred by the high mobility of cotutelle doctoral students.
Mis à jour le 23 May 2024.