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Composition of the Committee CSI

The individual doctoral student follow-up committee must be made up of at least two people. All the members of this committee must not be involved in the doctorate and must hold a doctorate. The composition must respect the following rules:

    At least one member who is a specialist in the discipline or related to the doctoral field.

    At least one non-specialist member from outside the research area of the doctoral work.

    At least one member from outside the institution and the laboratory, unless an exception is made upon a justified request by the doctoral director.

    A third member may be chosen by the doctoral student if possible before the first meeting of the CSI by informing the doctoral director.

The composition of the committee, excluding the third member, must be determined within the first four months following registration in the dedicated form on Amethis.

Individual Monitoring Committee CSI

Each year the PhD student must meet his Individual Monitoring Committee (between April and June).

The CSI can also meet at any time

Step 1: The PhD student writes a report on the progress of his work and sends it to the CSI members.
Step 2: The PhD student and his supervision organize an evaluation meeting, face-to-face or by videoconference, with the CSI members.
Step 3: Process of the assessment appointment:
ØThe PhD student presents his work to the CSI members and his supervisors,
ØA scientific discussion is conducted (all members are present),
ØThe PhD student talks alone with the CSI members,
ØThe supervisors talk alone with the CSI members.
Step 4: The CSI completes the evaluation report, formulates recommendations and writes a detailed notice of re-registration which he sends to the PhD student, as well as to the thesis supervisor.
Then the report must be uploaded to the Amethis platform by the designated correspondent among the CSI members. This report must be signed by the CSI members even if the interview is carried out by videoconference.

Formulaires et Guide pour le CSI

The next CSI campaign will be launched in the spring of 2023 and will now pass through Amethis.
The deadline for submitting the progress report and the ISC minutes on Amethis is 30 June. The ISCs must therefore be held in advance.

Documents to be completed by CSI members :
Engagement de confidentialité pour un membre du CSI
Questionnaire d'autoévaluation des liens d'intérêt pour un membre du CSI
Compte-rendu du CSI

Document to be completed by doctoral students:
Rapport d'avancement pdf
Rapport d'avancement word
Prior to a Monitoring Committee meeting, they write a summary of their work and send the progress report to the individual Monitoring Committee members, on the Amethis tool, at least eight days before the ISC meeting. The number of pages of this summary report depends of course on the year of the thesis in progress. But in any case, it should not exceed 10 pages. An effort of synthesis is thus required from doctoral students.

For more information, please consult the Amethis FAQ which explains how to enter and submit your CSI. (

Selection of rapporteurs

2 referees must be chosen to evaluate the doctoral thesis according to the following rules:

    French referees must hold an HDR.
    For foreign referees, a CV must be provided to the doctoral school justifying a level equivalent to an HDR.
    The referees must be external to the research unit, to the doctoral school and to the doctoral student's institution of registration.
    The referees must not have been involved in the doctoral student's work, nor have collaborated directly with the thesis team for at least the last 5 years.
    To date, CSI members cannot be thesis referees.

It should be noted that the rapporteurs are not necessarily part of the defense jury.


Constitution of the jury

The composition of the jury should be composed of 4 to 8 members. Its composition must allow a balanced representation of women and men, and the jury must include at least one representative of each gender. In addition, the following rules must be respected:

    Half of its members must be from outside the doctoral school and the registration institution.
    Half of its members must be senior figures (professors, research directors or equivalent).
    Emeritus professors and researchers are not included in the 50% rank A quota.
    The jury must include at least one teacher-researcher or equivalent from the institution accredited to award the degree.
    A CV must be provided to the doctoral school for any foreign member of the jury.
Equivalence of foreign academic degrees in France
Comparison table at 26 September 2012

The jury may also include a guest member, at most, without restriction of degree. The guest is not part of the jury; he or she is therefore not taken into account in the criteria for the validity of a jury and has no deliberative vote.

On the day of the defence, the members of the jury must designate a president. This function can be fulfilled by a member of the Doctoral School as long as he or she does not depend on the institution where the doctorate was carried out. Rapporteurs can play this role.

Financial support from the ED

The phd students from Nantes Université, can fill the following formats.
As part of its policy of supporting its doctoral students, the MaSTIC doctoral school may grant two types of financial support:

Support for long and/or international mobility

Travel assistance: Contact the management manager :
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